Partner With Us

GreenPearl works closely with partners to create “private label” events that put our partners first and provide massive business development opportunities and PR to put our partners at the top among their clientele. Our partners get all the benefits of organizing an event themselves without any of the headaches, costs, or risks normally associated with putting together an event.

What we provide:

  • We actively market the events through email and web-based promotion;
  • We manage all event logistics including staff on the day of the event;
  • We drive media outreach and invite top press to attend and report;
  • We contract and pay for the venue, food, and beverage;
  • We confirm and coordinate speakers and moderators (with input from partner);
  • We handle all registration and sponsorship;
  • We complete post-event follow up such as surveys and follow ups.

Participation by our partners:

  • Our partners actively advertise the events through email, print and web-based promotion;
  • Actively refer interested people and companies to GreenPearl for registration and sponsorship sales;
  • Assist in the recruitment of high-level speakers;
  • Contribute use of partner’s name in the title of the event.

Who we work with:

We look for partners with strong, healthy BEANs: Brand, Expertise, Audience and Network.

How well is your brand recognized among the industry segment that the event would address? Is your organization well-known among the desired audience who would attend a conference on your desired topic?

We work with organizations which are synonymous or very well-known among the audience of desired attendees. While GreenPearl has an excellent reputation for organizing extremely high-quality conferences, we rely on our partners to contribute strong brand equity relevant to the conference topic. For example, one of our first partners Massey Knakal Realty Services is the #1 multifamily building brokerage in New York City, so naturally Massey Knakal is a great partner on a conference related to multifamily investment, development, and finance.

How well do you know the market you want to address through an event? How well can you recognize what would interest target attendees and what would be uninteresting? How connected is your organization to the heartbeat of the industry?

We work with organizations and specifically their leaders who know their industries thoroughly from the street level to the 20,000 foot level. While we spend considerable time researching the market and topics, we rely on our partners to identify those key topics that are timely, relevant, and of deep interest to potential conference participants. For example, one of our partners Schulte Roth & Zabel knows real estate private equity and capital raising as well or better than any law firm. They recognize the top issues that concern real estate lenders and borrowers.

How large is your “audience”? Do you maintain a large, high-quality list of possible participants, whether it be clients, potential clients, readers, members, or alumni?

We work with organizations that maintain large and yet targeted lists of high-quality individuals who would make great candidates to attend a conference on a topic closely aligned with the organizations purpose. While we maintain and develop large, high-quality lists ourselves, we rely on our partners to do outreach beyond our lists to reach those who would otherwise not hear about the event. For example, we work with the Institute of Real Estate Management, who maintains large lists of members, potential members, and lapsed members. IREM is able to reach out to these people to inform them about the upcoming conference.

How well connected are you among industry leaders? Do you maintain relationships with top-tier, keynote level executives upon whom you can call to participate in a conference?

We work with organizations and specifically their leaders who have many strong relationships with key people who your audience would want to meet and hear from. While we do our own fair share of the work, we rely on our partners to pull significant weight when it comes to recruiting the best possible people to speak at your event. For example, we work with Real Estate Weekly, who has a strong relationship with industry super-star Mary Ann Tighe. Working together, we were able to recruit New York’s Most Powerful Woman to speak at our Women’s Forum.

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